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Boycott Resource Hub

Scroll down to find the following resources to explore and share with your community:

  • Discussion Guide
  • Legislation Tracker
  • Digital Media Toolkit
  • Quick Facts
  • Timeline
  • Legal Opposition

Discussion Guide

Hosting a screening or wanting to dive deeper? View or download the Boycott Discussion Guide.

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Legislation Tracker

Since 2015, dozens of states have passed laws intending to silence boycotts of Israel. These anti-boycott bills remove the legal protection that has been awarded to boycotts for generations, granting governments the power to condition jobs on political viewpoints. In recent years, legislators have started using these laws as templates for a wider attack on Americans' ability to use boycotts as a means for social and political change — introducing bills that target boycotts of the fossil fuel and firearms industries, boycotts of companies that fail to offer reproductive health care or gender-affirming care, and boycotts of companies that fail to meet workplace diversity and equity criteria.

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Digital Media Toolkit

Share infographics on Boycott’s protagonists, explainers on anti-boycott laws and more.

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