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Quick Facts

about anti-boycott legislation

  • 36 states have laws on the books that penalize individuals or companies that use boycotts and other nonviolent measures aimed at pressuring Israel on its human rights record.
  • There are parallel efforts at the federal level to adopt legislation prohibiting American citizens from engaging in a boycott of Israel, with the most recent bills introduced in July 2023.
  • Several states have passed or introduced similar legislation that punishes companies that boycott or divest from the fossil fuel industry or firearms manufacturers. Architects for the fossil fuel bills cite the anti-boycott bills related to Israel as their model.
  • In the 2023 legislative session alone, over 20 states introduced dozens of anti-boycott bills that modify the Eliminate Economic Boycotts Act to target those organizing for transgender peoples' rights, reproductive rights and workplace equity. Other bills aim to shield mining, agriculture, lumber, immigration detention centers and other related industries from boycotts.

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