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My Neighbourhood


A remarkable nonviolent struggle against settlement expansion in Sheikh Jarrah

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Naila and the


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Local Call

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How Women Wage
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Sharing stories of effective nonviolent resistance

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Just Vision fills a media gap on Israel-Palestine through independent storytelling and strategic audience engagement.

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Naila and the Uprising Trailer

Naila and the Uprising Trailer

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The Wanted 18 Trailer

The Wanted 18 Trailer

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My Neighbourhood Trailer

My Neighbourhood Trailer

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Budrus Trailer

Budrus Trailer

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The Washington Post

on "My Neighbourhood"

Extraordinarily moving.

The New York Times

On "Naila and the Uprising"

An invitation into the worlds of real, heroic people who persevere when all hope is lost.

Mohammed El Kurd

"My Neighbourhood" Protagonist

Just Vision shed tremendous light on issues of settlements in Jerusalem and helped place my neighborhood, Sheikh Jarrah, at the center of global consciousness.

Christiane Amanpour

on "Naila and the Uprising"

Has so much hope of invigorating a whole new generation.

Hadas Tal

Conscientious Objector

When I read articles on Local Call, I was exposed to a reality I did not previously know - the occupation. By the eleventh grade, I already knew that I would refuse to enlist in the Israeli army.

Doron Galezar

Journalist, former Chairman of the Israel's Editors Committee

Local Call stands as a beacon of quality, integrity and uncompromising critique.

Iltezam Morrar

Community organizer in "Budrus"

Just Vision gave me a platform to tell my story and struggle as a Palestinian activist and as a woman.

Richard Branson

on Just Vision's documentary films

Films that make a difference.

The New York Times

on "Encounter Point"

Assured, thoughtful and clear-eyed... nonviolent resistance could happen here. This film may prompt others to take up the cause.

The New York Times

on "Budrus"

The must-see documentary of the year.

The Jewish Week

on "Budrus"

A strong piece of work from intelligent filmmakers

Peter Gabriel


[Just Vision] brings the realities home in such a powerful and personal way.

Peabody Award Selection Committee

on "My Neighbourhood"

An honest, hopeful documentary.

The Boston Globe

[Budrus] will single-handedly change how many people view the conflict. It's that good, and that important.

Yaron London

Journalist for Channel 10

Local Call is one of the most important outlets in Israel.