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17 Jan, 2021

15:00 pm


Voices from the Holy Land Online Film Salon

Join Voices from the Holy Land Online Film Salon showcasing three short films produced by recent students of Dar al Kalima University's College of Arts and Culture in Bethlehem. Participants will be able to watch the films at their own convenience and then join for a discussion with the filmmakers moderated by Suhad Babaa, Executive Director of Just Vision. 

Time: 3:00 pm ET



10 Feb, 2021

20:00 pm


Virtual Screening of "Budrus" with the Telos Group

Join us for a virtual screening of Budrus with the Telos Group followed by a discussion and Q&A session with Just Vision's Executive Director, Suhad Babaa. Check back for more information on how to RSVP.




09 Mar, 2021

19:00 pm


Media Majlis Museum at the Northwestern University in Qatar: "Covering Dissent"

Just Vision's Executive Director, Suhad Babaa, will participate in a panel discussion as part of an exhibit at Northwestern University in Qatar’s Media Majlis Museum: From Visionaries to Vloggers: media revolutions in the Middle East. Stay tuned for additional details.