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Local Call (Sikha Mekomit in Hebrew) is a Hebrew-language news site advancing citizen journalism and an independent media.

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Local Call (Sikha Mekomit in Hebrew) is a Hebrew-language news site advancing citizen journalism and an independent media.

Our journalists highlight political, economic and social developments in the region and amplify the stories of community organizers, human rights defenders and activists who are working to end the occupation and build a future of freedom, dignity and equality for all.

Co-published with 972 Advancement of Citizen Journalism, Local Call offers unique coverage, fresh analysis and hard-hitting investigative reporting on pressing human and civil rights issues facing diverse communities in the region.

700,000 + annual readers

Since our launch in 2014, we've had over 700,000 annual readers and have published over 7,500 articles, demonstrating demand for analysis by and about those directly impacted by the occupation, and shining a spotlight on policies and practices that entrench inequality and ethnic privilege.

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Our stories have driven coverage in every major Israeli outlet and investigative pieces we've scooped get picked up by major international outlets. Top journalists are calling Local Call the most important outlet in Israel, and everyone from grassroots activists and human rights defenders to politicians, diplomats and generals are paying attention.

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Yaron London

Israeli Channel 10

Local Call is one of the most important outlets in Israel.

Amira Hass


Local Call is my favorite competition.

Rino Tzror

Journalist and Filmmaker

There is nothing like Local Call in the Israeli media – from its perspective to its outcome. This is independent journalism. I read Local Call every day.

Khaled Jabareen

Jaffa Activist

Local Call is in fact my homepage. This is what I read with my morning coffee.

Abdallah abu Rahmah

Bil’in Activist

Local Call is an important outlet that covers all of our activities, follows our arrests and recognizes us as human rights defenders.

Doron Galezar

Journalist, former Chairman of the Israel's Editors Committee

Local Call stands as a beacon of quality, integrity and uncompromising critique.

Hadas Tal

Conscientious Objector

When I read articles on Local Call, I was exposed to a reality I did not previously know - the occupation. By the eleventh grade, I already knew that I would refuse to enlist in the Israeli army.

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Independent media and uncompromising reporting has the power to shape the public discourse around human and civil rights issues in Israel and Palestine. Your support will fuel this crucial work.