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The glossary is comprised of nearly 250 terms related to the Israeli-Palestinian context. Given the rapidly shifting landscape, these terms cannot capture the full range of nuances, narratives and historical events. This tool is meant as a starting point and we encourage you to continue your exploration of this topic through further research. Last update and review: September 2015.

Yuli Tamir

(1954- ) A Jewish Israeli political figure and intellectual. Tamir began her career as a professor of political philosophy and still teaches at Tel Aviv University (as of 2015); she also helped start the Israeli Peace Now movement in 1978. As a member of the Labor party, Tamir first entered politics when appointed as Minister of Immigrant Absorption in 1999. She went on to serve in the Israeli Knesset from 2003-2010. During her time as Minister of Education from 2006-2009, Tamir approved a textbook for use in Palestinian-Israeli schools that mentioned Al-Nakba, the Palestinian term for the expulsion and dispossession of Palestinians during and after Israel's establishment. She resigned her position in parliament in 2010. See "Education minister under fire for 'nakba' textbook," Or Kashti, Haaretz, July 23, 2007; and "Peace movement has become powerless, says MK Yuli Tamir," Roi Ben-Yehuda, Haaretz, December 27, 2009.