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Naila and the Uprising Discussion Guide

This discussion guide is designed to help you learn more about women's leadership, unarmed civil resistance and grassroots organizing in the Israeli-Palestinian context. The questions offered in this guide are designed to encourage a constructive conversation on a variety of issues raised in the film. You will also find more information about the protagonists, a guide to facilitation and support materials including further reading, frequently asked questions and answers (FAQs) and a glossary. We encourage you to use this guide alongside the resources below, grouped thematically.
Download 56-page PDF.


The First Intifada was a rich and complex historical period that has been the subject of numerous research studies, articles, books, films and other resources. The resources below, organized around clips from the film, are not meant to be comprehensive. Rather, they provide useful context to deepen your understanding of this pivotal time in Israeli-Palestinian history. Please note that these resources do not necessarily represent the perspective of Just Vision.

Background on the first Intifada

Women's Leadership in Movement Building

Nonviolent Resistance in Action

More clips for discussion