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Orly Noy

Editor, Local Call

Orly is an editor of Local Call and has been a member of the writing team since the site's inception. Orly is an Iranian-Israeli political activist known for conducting exclusive interviews and writing human-interest stories on marginalized Palestinian and Israeli communities. Orly previously worked for three years as the presenter, editor and producer of a daily news broadcast on "Kol HaShalom" radio, and a regular contributor to Ha'aretz, Ynet, Walla and other news platforms. Orly also served as the spokesperson for Ir Amim and the media watchdog organization Keshev.

Additionally, Orly translates prose and poetry from Farsi into Hebrew. She aims to challenge the marginalization of Mizrahi culture in the Israeli discourse by making a sizable body of Persian literature available to Hebrew readers. She is a former member of the Coalition of Women for Peace and the Mizrahi Democratic Rainbow Coalition.