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Encounter Point


  • Who made Encounter Point? What is the connection of the filmmakers to the conflict and the region?

    Encounter Point was created by Just Vision. It was directed and produced by filmmakers Julia Bacha (Creative Director, Just Vision) and Ronit Avni (Executive Director and Founder, Just Vision) The film was also produced by former Just Vision staff, Joline Makhlouf Rukab and Nahanni Rous. For more information about the filmmakers, please visit www.justvision.org/encounterpoint/about/filmmakers.
    The filmmakers have a personal relationship to the region, and most of Just Vision’s staff has either grown up or lived in the Middle East for a substantial period of time. Some of our families are Israeli or Palestinian and have lost loved ones, homes and freedom to conflict. We are all committed to using independent storytelling and strategic audience engagement to build a pluralistic, just and rights-respecting future in Israel-Palestine.

  • When did you begin work on the film? How did you choose your film subjects?

    Research began in 2001. Filming began at the end of 2003 and continued until 2006. After two years of research and more than 475 preliminary interviews, we narrowed down our film subjects to approximately 12 people, whom we followed over a two year period. We sought a wide range of subjects from both Palestinian and Israeli society, who had an interesting story to tell or were going through an internal process of struggling with themselves in relation to their communities, the occupation and the conflict. We wanted to look at the challenges facing peace and nonviolence activists on both sides without romanticizing their work or glossing over the complexities of their experiences and opinions. In the end, we had to cut four people we had been following for purely narrative purposes.

  • In what languages is Encounter Point subtitled?

    Encounter Point is available in Arabic, Hebrew and English. The DVD has subtitles in English, Portuguese, French, Arabic and Hebrew.

  • How can the Encounter Point DVD be purchased?

    For private use, the Encounter Point Home DVD can be purchased at Just Vision’s online store.
    A public screening license or Educational DVD is necessary for any group screening of the film in public. The Educational DVD is available through Typecast Releasing or through our online store and is licensed for unlimited public screenings. Please use the coupon code ‘justvision’ when checking out to help support our outreach efforts on the ground at no additional cost to you.
    Encounter Point is also available on Amazon and NetFlix.

  • How can I organize an Encounter Point screening?

    Encounter Point has been screened at dozens of campuses and communities across the US, Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. In the US and Canada, check to see if your organization or university library already owns an Encounter Point Educational DVD. If not, purchase it online through Typecast Releasing or through our online store at www.justvision.org/store. You have an option of purchasing either the 52-minute Educational DVD of the film ($195) or the full-length 85-minute version ($350). For groups with limited budgets, discounts on the full institutional rate may be available. Contact info@justvision.org for more information.
    We encourage you to include a facilitated discussion or conversation after the film to ensure that the screening is constructive and accessible to as broad an audience as possible. The Encounter Point Discussion Guide may be a helpful reference when planning the discussion portion of the event. Discussion guides are available at www.justvision.org/resources.
    To invite a Just Vision speaker to lead a discussion following the screening, please contact info@justvision.org.
    The Encounter Point Educational DVD is not permitted for use if one is charging admission for the screening. For more information about paid admission screenings, please contact info@justvision.org.
    For additional questions or to organize a screening beyond the US and Canada, please write to us at info@justvision.org.
    For film festivals and theatrical events, please contact info@justvision.org.

  • Is the film appropriate for children?

    The film is entirely subtitled and it includes some language that may be offensive to some. We encourage adults to preview the film before bringing children or teenagers under the age of fourteen to see it.

  • How long is Encounter Point?

    Encounter Point runs for 85 minutes in English, Arabic, Hebrew, Portuguese and French. There is also a 52-minute English version of the DVD available from Typecast Releasing, and a 60-minute version in Arabic and Hebrew.

  • What formats are available for screenings?

    English subtitles: We have four 35mm prints, HDCAM, Digibeta NTSC, Beta SP NTSC and DVDs. The DVD comes with a choice of English, Portuguese, French, Arabic and Hebrew subtitles.
    With Arabic/Hebrew/English (all three languages simultaneously) subtitles: We have Digibeta PAL and Beta SP PAL as well as DVDs and VHS tapes.

  • Are distribution rights still available?

    Some distribution rights are still available. Please contact info@justvision.org for information. Canadian broadcast rights were bought by CBC and Arab language broadcast rights were bought by Al Arabyia. DVD distribution in the US is handled by Typecast Releasing.